Take these shattered hearts and shove the shards into your eyes.

Maybe if you go blind it will add to your disguise.

You’re dressing up your foolishness to make us think you’re wise,

But your words are all so meaningless they may as well be lies.

Sanctification may not happen but at least they’ll drip with your blood.

The show that you’ve been waiting for is taking center stage,

But all of us are watching so you’d better act your age.

If heralding your baptized souls will earn a better wage,

You’ll press down hard to make sure that your praise bleeds through the page.

You are the salt in the wound, the weight to the crown,

The insult to injury, the kick when we’re down.

These are the words I want to say, the words I never will.

I just sit in silence while you suck out souls to get your fill.

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