another idiot

Being serious is one of my least favorite activities, but I feel like one’s first blog post on a new site should contain at least a scintilla of sobriety to it, lest the readers decide with a certain amount of disgust that the writer has nothing relevant to say and should forthwith be religiously ignored. And while that last bit may be true of this site, I would hate to tip my hand so early in the game. Thus I will attempt to quell my satirical spirit and present a preface that is both concise and meaningful. I admit that I am reticent to do so, as it seems like such a commonplace introductory task for a pastime that has recently become quite commonplace. Everyone has a blog, and everyone has a brand-new, radical impetus for writing, when in reality they mostly suffer from the same banalities. However, as much as it pains me to fit a semblance of a mold, even for a short time, I press on.

Writing has always been a particular interest of mine, or at least it has been since the fourth grade when I wrote my first groundbreaking novella, which in reality was a blatant rip-off of The Hobbit. Ever since then, I’ve written a great many prologues and a great few epilogues. Once, I even wrote a full-length novel that caused a dear family friend to approach my dad with concerns regarding my spiritual and emotional stability. It was a truly awful story that will hopefully never been read by another living soul.

There are several things I love about writing. First and foremost, I love stories. Maybe it’s because I don’t live a particularly adventurous lifestyle, or maybe it’s just because we all love stories deep down. Secondly, I love putting words together. I salivate over Charles Dickens, because most of the time I have no idea what he’s talking about. Thirdly, writing makes me think. I’m pretty easily distracted, so if I don’t have a clear chronicle of where my thoughts have been, I’m going to lose them. Finally, I love writing because I love ruffling people’s feathers. I love shock value. I love making it seem like I’m going to say the thing you’re supposed to say, and then saying the opposite. (And let’s be honest, the thing you’re supposed to say usually isn’t even the right thing to say.) I’m kind of iconoclastic in that I’ll push back really hard and ostentatiously against something that seems impractical, irrelevant, or nonsensical to me. Or maybe I’m just oppositional.

So that’s it. I can’t promise that this won’t be a complete waste of your time, but I also can’t promise that this won’t be the best thing you can find on the Internet. Only time will tell.



P.S. To those of you thinking, “This idiot already has a Blogspot blog. What in the heck is he doing making another one?” The answer: My delightful wife informed me that Blogspot blogs are gauche for anyone who considers himself to be a writer of any merit. She also told me that I should have a blog where I don’t post poems, because let’s be honest, guys, poems are lame. If you want to read some lame poems (and other lame stuff), check it out here:


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